Ola Krawczyk

Graphic recorder, graphic facilitator, co-founder and creative spirit of SketchMovie – a film studio creating films of ‘drawing hand’. Above all, she is a fan and promoter of visual communication and the use of Visual Thinking methods in business, education and in designing innovations. For several years, she has been cooperating and supporting Polish and international companies in internal and external communication, in conceptual and strategic work and in discovering the amazing benefits of visual thinking.

The biggest professional challenge for her is the role of a graphic facilitator during strategic workshops. Thanks to the selected visual tools and cooperation with excellent facilitators / moderators, Ola helps teams to ‘see’ the strategy and its elements, to set and achieve goals, to create in new, unconventional ways. One of her favorite areas is creating a graphic record during conferences, meetings, workshops – thanks to which the participants can see the visual essence of the meeting, and thanks to an interesting form, this content can stay with them for longer.

She is constantly learning and developing – gained (and still gaining) knowledge from masters in the field of visual thinking and drawing (including Martin Haussmann, Alfredo Carlo, Malte von Tiesenhausen, Scott McCloud).

Since 2017, she has been actively co-creating EVP (European Visual Practitioners).

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