Marieta Weglicka

Tribe Leader, Senior Agile Project & Program Manager at Siili auto – a creative technology studio creating Next-Gen HMI for vehicles in cooperation with companies such as Nio, Pinifarina, Daimler, BMW, Google, Qt Company, Unreal. Marieta has over 10 years of experience in project management, development and software delivery.

In Siili auto, she helps Tribe play the endless game of the IT business by creating a platform for continuous vision, strategy and tactics. Responsible for the development of engineers’ competences at the Szczecin studio, lifting them to highest level of motivation to achieve spectacular success.

Currently responsible for running programs in the automotive industry and introducing them to agile approach, shaping teams, simplifying processes, designing and conducting workshops with clients and business partners.

A graduate of the Szczecin University of Technology at the Faculty of Computer Science. For 8 years she worked as a specialist and expert in the field of software development. Then, thanks to her natural ability to engage and lead, she got involved in leading projects and teams.

Marieta Weglicka, Agile project Leader

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