Prof Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden is Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of The Cynefin Company (originally Cognitive Edge) which he founded some twenty years ago after leaving IBM.  His approach uses natural science to understand and manage social systems.  He was the original designer of SenseMaker® a decision support software utility as well as being the originator of the Cynefin Framework which is extensively used in Agile.  Earlier in his career he was one of the three founders of the DSDM consortium, one of the three initiatives that initiated Agile (along with XP and Scrum).  His early work was invoved in designing decision support systems for the likes of Guinness PLX as well as successful software startups in Supply Chain Logistics.  In IBM he was a Director of the Institute for Knowledge Management and then the Centre for Organisational Complexity.  During that period and after leaving IBM he co-lead  major DARPA project on counter terrorisim and was then one of the two lead designers of the Singapore Government’s Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning System.

He has always worked on the boundaries between academic life and practice and has three method based patents to his name.  One of his current projects is to create an open source, vendor independent approach to Agile that allows for multi-vendor multi-method approaches.   His paper on complexity theory and leadership was the cover article on the Harvard Business Review in November 2007 and has won multiple awards.  He holds several academic positions and works extensively in both profit and not-for profit organization’s at both a strategic and operational level.  He describes himself as a realist and a pragmatic cynic who never gives up on hope.


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