Agile transformations

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Target audience

Agile Executives, Managers, Developers, Consultants, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Testers, Usability and Product Designers, Academics, receptive decision-makers and thought leaders in their own communities will share information and insights that have a meaning to you.

Agile transformations and improvements, improving to the first or next level of Agile in your company by Integrated Agile Transformation Model (IATM).

This is not about the first steps of Agile. It can be, but most likely people are already working Agile one way or the other. How can you get the next level, from whatever level you are? That is what the day is all about.

How Agile are you? 

What about your organisation?

Are you implementing Agile and struggling to get real benefits? Are your trying but not able to get into real end-to-end delivery?

Do you want to work Agile but does the business not get along? Do you want to do Agile but your IT is excluding you?

Agile itself is basic and easy to apply, so it seems. Still so many people and organisations struggle to get real benefits, to do real end-to-end delivery of production viable requirements, to read deliver better business value, to really deliver earlier. What is the underlying cause and how can you do this?

Business Agility Agile Training masterclass

Agile has touched base around the globe with its focus on delivering business value. Business Agility however seems to be a difficult topic. People and organisations have a problem bringing Agile into an organization as a whole and making the way they run their business Agile. We are not talking frameworks or operating models here. We are talking the layer below which allows you, after the deeper understanding of Business Agility, to bring in frameworks and operating models that will suit you best. This masterclass will help to get from the bascis up to the level where

Trainer: Arie van Bennekum


Arie jest pragmatykiem, który osadza swój pragmatyzm w strukturze, dyscyplinie i zdrowym rozsądku – od wczesnych lat w służbie zdrowia i siłach wojskowych do miejsca, w którym jest dzisiaj. Jest jednym z autorów Manifestu Agile. Z biegiem lat stał się ekspertem w zakresie transformacji Agile i Business Agility. Arie pracuje obecnie dla Wemanity ( jako lider myśli i odpowiada za międzynarodowe transformacje poprzez współpracę z międzynarodowym zespołem.

Oprócz pracy nad Agile i Agile Transformations Arie wykładał na Uniwersytecie w Rotterdamie (20 lat), Amsterdamie (7 lat) i Utrechcie (3 lata) na tematy takie jak Agile, zarządzanie projektami i Facilitation.

Jego IP można znaleźć na stronach i Jego pierwsza książka jest o tym, jak radzić sobie ze zmianami i celami jako jednostka (#YouAreTheArchitectOfYourOwnLife), a wkrótce ukaże się jego druga książka na temat zwinności biznesowej (#ReachingForBusinessAgility).


Providing people insights of the complexity of Agile transformations in the simplicity of what Agile really is.
Learnings about IATM as a hands-on proven way of Agile transformations (
Understand the approach to change really, the actual process to make it happen
Identify stakeholders that really need to be involved
How to overcome resistance, cross Agile myths and dogma’s

The take away

A hands on process
Assessment of your own situation
Identification of stakeholders in your organisation
The skills set the transformation needs
The succes factors
The pitfalls
Identified next steps for your own organisation


2 learning days

Standard learning time:
9.00 – 17.00

The program

Agnostic Agile, essence and needed paradigm shift
Introduction and (exercise) first assessment
The paradigms hindering working really in an Agile way and (exercise) the second step in your assessment
The overall process of IATM and (exercise) identification of your biggest hurdles
Roles and responsibilities in a transformation and (exercise) composing a successful team
Roles and responsibilities in a transformation and (exercise) composing a successful team
How should the team work and (exercise) what do they have too work on (Transformation Foundations)
Agile coaches, skills, knowledge and profile and (exercise) who could be your internal coaches
Identification of steps to take next (exercise) in your organisation

for whom?

Business leaders
All C-level people
Scrum masters
Delivery leads
CoE leads


Agile Transformation (on-line)

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540 €